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Chaz PsyKoticz


     Chaz is a Brooklyn born Turntablist creating #Digitalinsanity in and outside NYC. Who brings Hardcore Techno to a whole new level with technical deck skills and a huge variation of musical genre versatility to the tables. With a wide and diverse track selection ranging from traditional Techno, Hip-Hop, & House all the way to Speedcore, Metal, Classical, and more mixed into live sets and mixtapes for a one of a kind EDM Experience!
       During Chaz’s early music career he would get his start as an MC in the NYC Underground Music Scene. Where in 2010 he would get his first residency with Brooklyn based event company NuOrder. Not to long after Chaz would share the stage to hype up crowds for Rob Gee, Lenny Dee, DJ E-RAYzor, Candy Kid, S-Factor, Delirium and MC for Live for This, and massive Warehouse Parties like Neon East’s Dysfunction 1 and 2, Dance 4 Love, various Nocturnal Rituals by Paradox Productions. As well as get the crowd ready and keep them going for an MTV Act at Neon East’s Thunderdome.
Throughout early 2K10’s Chaz would be best known for being the Official MC for DJ Wink-E and John Bas, Neon East and Rage Productions before moving his focus more onto DJing.
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