Lost and Melting in Audio to a Digital Nightmare (2012)

      “Lost and Melting to Audio in a Digital Nightmare” or commonly shortened to just “Digital Nightmare” is my 3rd Demo Release. Between this and Straight-Up Noize, you can really hear the skill level difference from the two. As well as the early audio onslaught of #DigitalInsanity that could melt your face off from Speedcore to Splittercore.
      This mix remained as Free Downloadable content off of my Soundcloud as it was enjoyed by many. It was however removed to make way for “Thinking of Nonsense” and will no longer be offered as a Free Digital Download. But you can still listen to this mix streaming via Mixcloud or Order a Hardcopy Demo and enjoy it for as long as you like.

This Mix Was Made With the Use Of;
– NuMark Stealth Control
– Traktor Pro
– Recorded with Traktor Pro

Highlight Bellow for Tracklist AKA Mix Spoilers

01. Breaking Barriers - Negative-A w/MC Justice
02. None of Ya Left (Evil Activities Remix) - Neophyte
03. Abduction - Endynion
04. Extreme Terror (Terror Mix) - DJ Skinhead
05. NYC Speedcore - D.o.A.
06. YES (Zoonptokkiedrokz) - Angerfist
07. ????Just noize and British People???
08. Fuck the Prom Queen - Angerfist
09. His Face is a Map - DJ Tones
10. ?????
11. Screwdriver - Korsakoff & Day-Mar
12. Fuckin' Psycho - Angerfist
13. Fuckin' Sacrilege (SRB Remix) - Dione
14. My Misery - Tha Playah
15. Random Noises and Screams - Chaz PsyKoticz
16. ?????
17. Corpse Fucking - ScreamerClauz
18. Bottle - The Wishmaster
19. Outro - Chaz PsyKoticz

Enjoy the #DigitalInsanity \m/
  Demo Info & Features
Hardcopy Demo Features:
– Single Track "Lost and Melting in Audio to a Digital Nightmare" Demo CD
– Hand-Drawn Artwork on CD Case (View Sample)

How to Order:
– If you would like a Hardcopy Demo with Hand-Drawn Artwork contact [email protected] about this demo and more.
– Each Demo is 1 for $3, 2 for $5, and 5 for $10 (unless specified otherwise).
– All costs cover Shipping, Labour, Artwork and Supplies.
– Hand-Drawn Artwork (look, & color) itself may vary.
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