August 14, 2005
Insane Backyard Wrestling
Brooklyn, New York
CLICK HERE for Photos By: Snookiez Inc. © 2005 All Rights Reserved
Today at IBW in his first match back wrestling in the "Backyard" scene in Gerritsen Beach, from his World Tour the Drunken Janitar, and he was Challenged by Tits McGee for her IBW debut match... But Janitar brought a surprise friend with him back to the Beach from his World Tour.

Match 1: Triple-Threat for the RAW Bisexual Championship Title
Drunken Janitor VS. Tits McGee VS. Scruffy McRuff

Match 2: Backyard Triple Threat
"Flatline Champion" Chaz VS. The Freak VS. Doctor Crock
Interference by The Joker to Chaz

Match 3: IBW What the Fuck Free for All
"Freshman" Frankenstein
The Gay Cowboy from the Year 2025
Doctor Crock
The GB Hick