January 7, 2006
Insane Backyard Wrestling
Brooklyn, New York
Rescheduled due to a Rain/Hail delay
This was IBW's return show since September 3rd 2005 after their previous ring was burnt down. A new ring was assembled with an added new Environmental Danger “The Barbwire Gate” as well as NO ROPES, NO TURNBUCKLES, JUST STRAIGHT-UP HARDCORE WRESTLING!

Match 1: Three Way Elimination Hardcore
Issues VS. "Freshmen" Frankenstein VS. Chaz
Match 2: IBW Hardcore Championship
"The Fucking" Sex Monkey VS. PyRo
Match 3: Triple Threat for IBW Brooklyn Brawler Championship
Mike VS. Crazed VS. Blunt Man (AKA "Hardcore" Chris)
The match was called a No Contest due to some random Hawaiian Asshole interfering in the match, and then running into the clearly visible barbwire fence.