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What are you?


What are you?

1. Are you a DJ

    I am whatever I'm needed to be.

2. Are you a Promoter?

   I am whatever I need to be.

3. Are you God?

   Duh, I'm in God Mode 24/7!!!!11!!!one!


1. Did you do Backyard Wrestling?

    Yes I did, I wrestled with Insane Backyard Wrestling located in Brooklyn, New York. As well as other BYW Federations from Summer 2005 till 2007

2.  Did you get professional training?

Yes, I trained at FTW with head Trainers Grim Refeer, Danny Demanto, Jay Lover and Earl Cooter in 2008.

3.  Do you use fake blood?


4. Why do you use lightubes?

The lulz!

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