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The debut of Nick Impact, Chris Cayden takes on Diamond Inc. rival Qiz, General G1 takes on Diamondback in a Ladder Match and a lot more...
March 22, 2008
Underground Wrestling Alliance
Newburgh, New York
@ Middle Village Wrestling

Saturday Slaughter's A Tribute to BloodySaw

Match 1: IBW Internet Championship (Part 1 - Part 2)
The Little White Boy VS. The Drunken Janitur
Interference by The Wonderful Winkey to White Boy
Match 2: (Impromptu No Rules) #1 Contender
For Interboro Championship (Part 1 - Part 2)

Guy Michaels VS. The Wonderful Winkey
Match 3: #1 Contendership
For the IBW Tag-Team Championship (Part 1 - Part 2)

Manhattan Project (Joey Onyx & Sweet Ricky Savage) VS. Christian Spyder & Nick Impact
Match 3: Backyard (Part 1 - Part 2)
Sex Monkey VS. Chaz
Match 4: Normal (Video)
Interfearance by Diamond Inc. outside of the ring to PyRo.
Match 5: #1 Contendership of the DIW Heavyweight Title (Video)
The Punisher VS. Cold
Interfreance by Winkey to Cold and Punisher.
Match 6: ???? (Part 1 - Part 2 )
Chris Cayden VS. Qiz
Main Event: Ladder Match (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3)
General G1 VS. Diamondback