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Well I guess I’ll have to start from the beginning for you to know this…

Well I guess since you made your way over to this site, you already have a good idea of who I am. But well if you don't, I guess I should give you some info on who I am. Well first off I'm Chaz from MP-Brooklyn, New York. And I wrestle for the highly popular "Backyard" Wrestling Federation known as IBW (Insane Backyard Wrestling), located in Brooklyn, New York. I would say I got one of my big "Backyard" Wrestling brakes was when I appeared on CNN, for Backyard Wrestling. And since that day I have appeared on other TV stations such as UPN, LIETV, and been in other various "Backyard" Wrestling articles online, and in local papers. I was even used as a key reference for a college paper on "Violence, and Teens" yeah but too bad I'm not a teen anymore. And well as we all know we need to grow up, and move on to bigger and better things, to better are own lives. So I have been recently looking into Pro Wrestling Schools with Pyro, pretty much everyday even online. And have been making quite an effort to go down to visit them, and see for myself if that is the school for me. If you happen to have any thing as to a school you would like me to have a look at, no doubt feel free to check out my Contact Info, and find the best way to send me a line, but please be reasonable with it I do live in Brooklyn, New York.


I guess that covers the wrestling bit of me up. So when I'm not "Cracking Bottles Over my Head" as you said it, LAWZ. You could find me doing all those regular things that everyone else dose. You know like going out, partying, clubs, listen too music, chillen and all that good stuff. Its all pretty grate. Been having allot of fun lately. I was recently at a down point, because my closest friend and longest too, Sal moved out to North Carolina. Kinda sucky but I wish him all the best of luck, and I hear he is doing really good soon. Hopefully soon, I'll be able to go down their to visit and see how that town is, he has been telling me some crazy stories about it. Hopefully when I get the chance, I'll be able to have Joe come down with me. So mostly I have been hanging out with Crocker allot recently. Its been pretty cool, I have to say.


As for when I'm not out gallivanting around I'm home, doing what I do. I like to listen to music, and draw, and make graphics. Also since I haven't had internet for a like six months and finely got it back I have been able to give The Sims a brake, and my MUGEN, and instead have replaced that with the Internets! As you can tell I have been able to update this site, haha. I think the last time I updated it was like around March or April, and I think I pretty much just added some stuff onto the main page, like a graphic here and their. But now I have had time to do a full overhaul on everything. And since I am now running at 100.0 MBPS (Gotta love Cable) I'm able to do things online much faster and watch my wrestling videos, I have finely been able to enjoy one of my own matches, because that dam WiFi went out, and it still doesn't work. I also plan on opening up my very own official website, but thats still just in mention. Haven't gone through with it. Also for all of you who have seen no activity for BYWbackyardwrestling, I know but you have too give me a brake, I have not had a chance to get to it yet. I'll get to it in time, just be patient. I have been mostly working on my VampireFreaks Account, and this Freewebs account. Ok so other then internets, I have been taking care of these two pet mice, a white one and one really small black one. Recently I had a scare that the black mouse was going to die, he started with seizures and shaking and other stuff, but lucky he got past that. I still keep my eye on him, he is very small even for a mouse he is a inch and a half long (without the tail added) in length.


So well I guess for right now, that’s pretty much me. Please feel free to check back to this page at anytime, because who knows my life might take a thrilling change up, and you could miss something. I’m actually just yanking your chain, but pretty much just come back with in the next few days because I will be adding more onto this, and even my other pages.


~"CHAZ" -- November 24, 2007~


Fan Signs Fan Art

If you have any "Signs" or "Fan Art" of your own you would like to send to me please feel free to send me at any time, and I will post it up here for everyone to see what you have made. Go to my Contact Info and check out which way would be the best for you to send me your Signs/Art.

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